Brownie Hawkeye

When I was 8 years old my father and mother gave me a camera, a Brownie Hawkeye.   I loved it.  I began to photograph everything that I could, family, friends, my neighborhood and the city. If it could put a smile on someone’s face, I photographed it.  The camera rarely left my hands.  Over the years my passion for photography grew, as did my passion for the culture of the city and for great food.  My career as an educator and forensic expert has given me the opportunity to travel around the country and expand my photographic horizons.   I thrill in taking to the streets with my camera, shooting from the hip, meeting new people, and exploring our country’s great cities.   

“People, Places & Pastrami” will be a photographic journal of my travels.   It will feature my favorite cities, introduce people from all walks of life whom I have met along the way, and share the featured foods served my favorite eating establishments, particularly Jewish delis.  

I welcome you to “Michael’s America: People, Places & Pastrami.”

                                                             Michael G. Kaplan